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My latest interview is up on Renee’s Author Spotlight.

We talk about my book, writing, and this crazy business.

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You can get a free copy of Renee’s dark fantasy book: Shadow Stalker just by clicking on the link.

It’s a good day.


BIG NEWS & Why We Should Visit Our Own Websites!

First, the news:

Today I am pleased to announce that Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers! is the featured book on Cindy’s Notebook and she will be running nonfiction books throughout the month of May.



And now . . .

Here is an example of why we all need to visit our own websites more often.

I am an author–a poor indie-author–who attempts to do as much as I can myself in order to save a buck. Everything I know about computers, websites, and social media sites was self-taught and not without a healthy dose of learning from my mistakes.

This brings us to this morning.

I woke at 6:30 A.M. knowing I would have a great deal of work to do in order to spread the exciting news above across a number of sites on the web and to prepare some notes for tomorrows interview so I might sound somewhat intelligent. I went to my website first to post the news of my book being featured on a book blog when I discovered to my horror that all my book cover photos had disappeared. All this before my first cup of coffee.

As I began the long process of re-inserting the thirteen missing photos, it occurred to me what had happened. I began my writer journey on Word Press two years ago with my E. A. Barker’s Blog Madness page and I just added this site in January of this year to support the book. I kept the two separate, or so I thought, because the Ms. Creant site was for business and the old blog was for whatever I felt like writing about; usually in a non-business-like way.

A few weeks ago, I posted part 4 of my Your Beliefs Create Your Reality series. While I was there on the blog site, I decided to clear out a bunch of seemingly redundant photos of the book’s cover. You can probably guess the rest.

WHO KNEW that each separate site shared the same photo file? I sure didn’t. So I am embarrassed to say that for the past few weeks visitors to my website were greeted with nothing but text. The moral of the story is:

Go to your own website frequently!

You never know what you will find.