Author Truths for Beginners (Part 9)

And the winner is . . .



Indie-authors cannot hang out with the cool kids.

Back in Part 7, I covered the book awards available to indie-authors, but there are other concerns about self-publishing which you should consider before investing in this game.

I was SO naïve going into this, I actually believed success would be about carefully edited quality words being packaged in a book worth keeping in a library. While all the these are important, the truth is self-publishing takes you out of the game. There are a number of mostly invisible barriers to keep pesky new authors out of the gated community of the mainstream publishing world.

They have carefully barricaded themselves in.


They are fearful, so they created an uneven playing field to keep us out:

  • If you want to make any royalties at all, your self-published print-on-demand paperback or hardcover will be priced higher than similar offerings coming out of Ingram, even though you published with Ingram Spark. Being “a little pricey” is enough for many bookstores and libraries to look to lower cost books from better known traditionally published authors.
  • Many mainstream publications will not review indie releases.
  • Some mainstream publications will not review foreign releases.
  • Legitimate literary awards will not consider indie releases because they did not go through an editorial selection process.
  • Libraries tend to favor homegrown authors when selecting books and they often are influenced by opinions from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, or Booklist—most of which pay little attention to indie-releases.
  • If you publish using an AMAZONIAN COMPANY to produce your POD books, it is doubtful you will ever make a sale in a non-Amazonian brick and mortar bookstore. I begged two different neighborhood bookstores to order a friend’s book for me but they refused. They would rather pass on a sale than support the entity that is crushing them. The hostility level is that high.

Sad indeed.

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Who is E. A. Barker?

‘I am a just a boy…
Standing in front of a bookstore…
Asking them to love me.’

All kidding aside, I am an occasionally serious researcher who wrote a book about life with women, without having much of the needed foreknowledge of the book biz I shared with you here. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, I also did not have the working capital necessary to execute the most basic of marketing strategies like the ones outlined in this blog series. Now, I try to help others avoid the mistakes I made. My book echoes that goal as well.

Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers! is an entertaining non-fiction book chronicling everything we are not taught, but need to know.


The large print 8×10 paperback and hardcover versions of Ms. Creant are available through bookstores and libraries around the globe from Ingram Spark.

978-1-77302-134-8 (Hardcover)
978-1-77302-132-4 (Paperback)
978-1-77302-133-1 (e Book)

The e-book options are many, and all can be viewed at:

My website is also the place to find the most comprehensive list of reviews.


BIG NEWS & Why We Should Visit Our Own Websites!

First, the news:

Today I am pleased to announce that Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers! is the featured book on Cindy’s Notebook and she will be running nonfiction books throughout the month of May.



And now . . .

Here is an example of why we all need to visit our own websites more often.

I am an author–a poor indie-author–who attempts to do as much as I can myself in order to save a buck. Everything I know about computers, websites, and social media sites was self-taught and not without a healthy dose of learning from my mistakes.

This brings us to this morning.

I woke at 6:30 A.M. knowing I would have a great deal of work to do in order to spread the exciting news above across a number of sites on the web and to prepare some notes for tomorrows interview so I might sound somewhat intelligent. I went to my website first to post the news of my book being featured on a book blog when I discovered to my horror that all my book cover photos had disappeared. All this before my first cup of coffee.

As I began the long process of re-inserting the thirteen missing photos, it occurred to me what had happened. I began my writer journey on Word Press two years ago with my E. A. Barker’s Blog Madness page and I just added this site in January of this year to support the book. I kept the two separate, or so I thought, because the Ms. Creant site was for business and the old blog was for whatever I felt like writing about; usually in a non-business-like way.

A few weeks ago, I posted part 4 of my Your Beliefs Create Your Reality series. While I was there on the blog site, I decided to clear out a bunch of seemingly redundant photos of the book’s cover. You can probably guess the rest.

WHO KNEW that each separate site shared the same photo file? I sure didn’t. So I am embarrassed to say that for the past few weeks visitors to my website were greeted with nothing but text. The moral of the story is:

Go to your own website frequently!

You never know what you will find.