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Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers!

Life With Women: The Long-Awaited Instruction Manual

Serious subject matter handled in a not too serious way.


Nothing makes for a more spirited discussion in a book club than an entertaining book which challenges the reader’s preconceptions.

The short description:

Ms. Creant is an entertaining nonfiction book chronicling one man’s lifelong journey to understand women, life, and human behavior. It covers most every aspect of life by decade which means there is something for every reader within its pages.

A reader need only have an open mind to enjoy Ms. Creant.

Readers also possessing a sense of humor, will love it.

Ms. Creant is available in three versions:

  • 8 x 10 large print hardcover. ISBN 978-1-77302-134-8
  • 8 x 10 large print paperback. ISBN 978-1-77302-132-4
  • e-book in all the most popular formats. ISBN 978-1-77302-133-1
  • The print books are available around the globe via Ingram Spark.
  • Baker & Taylor provides the Blio e-book for libraries.
  • Overdrive is another provider of the e-book in libraries.
  • The e-books are available globally through three major channels: Amazon for Kindle owners,. Kobo, and Smashwords for users of Nook, Apple and most others.
  • The book features a 1600 word index to assist parents, students and educators.
  • 312 pages
  • First publication date: September 26, 2016. (e-book)
  • An audio book version is being considered.

E. A. loves talking about his book with readers.

Currently, he does this with book clubs around the globe via voice calling through Facebook’s Messenger. This allows E. A. to hear both the individual asking a question as well as the responses from the other members. This creates a cozy fun group vibe.

ALL TOPICS ARE ON THE TABLE when talking with E. A. providing they are handled maturely.

If a reader has a private question which they wish to have answered, they can e-mail him either from Facebook or from the contact tab on this site.

The BIG questions for the group to grapple with after reading Ms. Creant:

The author has supplied a long list so that you may select the questions that best suit your group.

Has political correctness become a weapon of manipulation?

Has the media stopped reporting facts? Are big stories being ignored? If so, who is to blame?

Has the public education system been intentionally sabotaged to make the populace more compliant?

Are the problems we see in the world a result of the patriarchy fighting a losing battle as mankind attempts to move to a more balanced and peaceful matriarchy?

Is a matriarchy even possible?

Has Western civilization set the bar so low that mediocrity is all we strive for?

Are the vast majority of young people inadequately prepared to make good choices?

Which is more important to improving future generations: nature (genetics) or nurture (growth environment)?

Have North Americans lost sight of real happiness—believing that material things and striving for the American dream will eventually make them happy?

Do the least knowledgeable have less control over their base urges?

Have we created an escapist culture or have we merely been supplied with too many diversions?

Would you like to see non-region based philosophical teachings of morality, scruples and ethics as part of public school curriculum?

The greatest threat to Western civilization not talked about by politicians is?

  1. The corruption created by money and influence.
  2. Inequality.
  3. Illiteracy.
  4. Rising sea levels and drought.
  5. Safe water and air.
  6. Overpopulation.
  7. Division perpetuated by the media.
  8. Escapism.
  9. Obliviousness.

The lighter questions:

According to the author and in a single word answer, what is Ms. Creant about?

Is the author actually a misogynist?

Is the author a misanthrope?

Are men soon to become obsolete?

Is the gentleman dead?

Are men successfully finding their way in a more equitable society?

Do you believe we are at the mercy of our biology when making relationship decisions?

Do the romantic notions of princesses finding princes affect women throughout their lives?

Does preparedness and awareness ensure we make fewer poor decisions?

Do you agree with the author’s thoughts on the difference between sex and making love.

Do women consciously use vulnerability to attract men?

Can men resist a damsel in distress?

Are most men clueless when it comes to the inner workings of women?

Do you believe the adage: “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.` ?

What percentage of women do you believe have a conscious understanding of their biology and how it affects their behavior?

Do you wish you had chased your dream in your twenties? What would you have done differently?

Have you been used for sex while being completely okay with it?

Love: Is it just a two year hormonal rush or can this feeling be maintained?

True or false? A man falls in love with a woman for who she is now. A woman falls in love with a man for his potential.

Settling down: What are the must have qualities in a prospective partner?

In the early stages of a relationship, did you snoop? (This includes stalking their social media sites and looking at their phone.)

The secrets we keep from our significant others: Does your mate know everything about your past or is this information stamped: Need to Know?

Are you in or have you witnessed a relationship which spanned decades where passion never died?

Can opposites who attract have a successful long term relationship with little else in common?

Could you stay in a sexless relationship?

True or false? Open relationships are a myth.

Betrayal: Is there any worse feeling and can a relationship survive this?

Alcohol induced “accidental” sexual encounters—are they just a way to rationalize bad behavior?

The seven year itch—the temptation to cheat—what is the key to resisting this impulse?

When is it time to pack your bags? What is your final straw?

Health: Do you believe that your overall health is a result of a combination of the four components discussed in the book: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual? If so, do you believe that any one is more important than the others?

Life: Should we be teaching our kids to develop a life plan or strategy earlier in their development or does this destroy the innocence of childhood? Is there room for both?

Happiness: Have you found it and been able to hang onto it? What is the key?

Behavioral patterns and choices: Does someone you know continually make the same bad decisions over and over again as though they just cannot see it happening? To what do you attribute this repetitive behavior?

Self-awareness: If we all had a positive view of ourselves (self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence, self-sufficiency), would mankind be able to create sweeping change or are their other factors holding humanity back?

Do names have inherent behavioral characteristics?

Do you agree with the author in his belief that we must do away with The Princess Program to raise self-reliant daughters?

How many self-made independent women do you know—and can E. A. have their numbers?

Do you agree with the author’s contention that settling down should be left until our thirties?

Are you aware of women who have intentionally become pregnant to keep a man?

One last fling before marriage—do you know people who did this?

Do you agree with the author that success in a long-term relationship requires that both parties be equals?

Are there degrees of cheating? For example, is an Internet romance cheating?

Do you believe as the author does that Astrology and the Meyers Briggs personality types are equally vague?

WHAT or WHO a child will be when they grow up—which is more important?

Young people doing tremendous things and taking up worthwhile causes: Tell us about one you know.

Always remember . . . readers are awesome.