My New Year’s Resolution

Happy 2018 everyone. It turns out my resolution for this year is just a rehash of the one I broke in 2017—to get the social media monkey off my back, a.k.a. use my time more productively. I refuse to be corralled by the so called social media book marketing experts any longer. They will tell … Continue reading My New Year’s Resolution


Holiday Book Gift Guide

Season's Greetings! Do you have readers on your gift list? Cyn Harris has produced a lovely Holiday Book Gift Guide to help you easily make a good book selection for all the readers you care about. You will find one of my author friends in it. Diane Mae Robinson is a respected children's author (Page … Continue reading Holiday Book Gift Guide

Check This Out!

My latest interview is up on Renee's Author Spotlight. We talk about my book, writing, and this crazy business. You can get a free copy of Renee's dark fantasy book: Shadow Stalker just by clicking on the link. It's a good day.

Banned Books! Let’s see if this post will get banned.

WARNING! THIS POST CONTAINS PROFANITY WHICH HOPEFULLY OFFENDS SOME LOSERS!   It's really about WHO is doing the banning. In the land of Auth, we spend too much of our time on social media instead of writing or editing which would better serve our readers. That being said, every once in a while something truly … Continue reading Banned Books! Let’s see if this post will get banned.

Alone on the American Airwaves

On July 13, 2017, I was the featured guest on a West coast syndicated radio show. I thought I was there to talk about my book with the host, but a technical problem would create an unforgettable moment which I really cannot remember. I was originally scheduled to be on this show on May 4th, … Continue reading Alone on the American Airwaves