Surfers are book lovers too.


It has been a long time since I have been out to the left coast, and now that I think about it, a return to a surfer filled beach is long overdue.

I  am a frost bitten Canadian boy from Ontario who spent most of his youth as a water-skier because we just do not have access to big waves here. However, I would take what I knew from slalom skiing and apply what I could to trying new things like downhill snow skiing, and surfing when I made my pilgrimage to SoCal each year. It turns out that athleticism is somewhat transferable. After a few initial clumsy and sometimes spectacular fails, I can safely say that I did not look like a beginner at either of these new sports.

Calling yourself a skier or surfer brings with it an identity, because you will spend far more time waiting for conditions than you will actually riding a board. It is in the waiting where we bond with others who share this common interest. These sports are now remembered more for the friends made, who gathered around beach fires, than the few truly great runs you still visit occasionally in your dreams. There seems to be a semi-conscious universal spiritual connect between us which keeps putting us together with others of our kind. Why else would Shelby Londyn-Heath, Author of The Twilight Tsunami, get in touch to ask if I would like to have my book profiled on her site? It is the will of the surfer gods. I could easily debunk this theory of mine, but why would I? It is perfect just as it is.

So please visit:

Surf’s Up Writers Bookshelves—Reviews and Book Talk

to see what the left coast cool people are reading.

My book is profiled there today.

Cover front FINAL JPEG Sept 1 - Web small




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